How to find the best sex buddy

Now you’re probably laughing at the title of this blog post. As any mature person who’s been around the block a few times, you know that there is no such thing as “the best”. What may be the best for you might be a flat out disaster for me and vice versa. The best, if anything, is all about subjective reality. Since we are all different people, we look at the world from different pairs of eyes and bring different experiences to the table, it really borders on the preposterous and ridiculous to even think up of “the best”.  My personal best sex buddy site is

How to find the best sex buddy - Other Sex

But there are certain situations in life where we could all pretty much objectively agree on certain common denominators. When it comes to developing friends with physical benefits like a sex buddy there is one key are that we could agree that would define what would be the best example of such a friend. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the physical traits of that person. It has nothing to do with what they look like. It has nothing to do with how they make you feel around them. And it has nothing to do with the amount of stamina, skill and physical force they have in the bed. Do you give up? Are you stumped as to the kind of physical trait this person should have? Well, let me tell you: if you’re looking to define what sets apart one sex buddy from another, focus on one factor and one factor alone. What factor is this? Discretion.

That’s right. You have to remember that your life is not hermetically sealed from your life in the future. You may be at this point in your life a history, but you may be a completely different person in the future. You might be all of a sudden think that you are destined to save the world and you go to law school or you volunteer for certain things and you become a congressman after a few years. Or maybe you get into medicine and you work on a vaccine or something. Whatever the case may be you can be a completely different person and your social standing would be very different in the future.

Now can you imagine putting all that at risk because of some decisions that you made in the here and now. That’s exactly what’s happening with your choices of a sex buddy. Again, I’m not saying that you should get this idea out of your head. I’m not saying that you should not have this type of friend. What I am saying is that you need to be very careful as to which women you let in to your life at this level. At the very least, you need somebody who will keep her mouth shut. If you find that person then chances are whatever you do now won’t harm your reputation in the future.


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