How to survive adult dating like a champ

The title of this blog post is probably going to strike you as something weird. I mean, how can you survive like a champ? Isn’t surviving being a champ in the first place? Well, let me explain myself. Surviving is one thing, thriving is another. When you’re thriving, you’re acting like a champ. You’re not just overcoming a particular hardship but you are making the best of it in positioning yourself for greater opportunities.

How to survive adult dating like a champ - Other Sex

That’s how you tell whether you’re simply getting by or you’re making the best out of your particular situation and positioning yourself for even greater opportunities in the future. I want you to do the latter. It’s too easy to tackle online adult dating in terms of mere survival. If you are looking for online adult dating survival tips, you’ve come to the right place. But the survival tips are all about helping you turn yourself to an online dating champion.

I’m from the old school. According to the old school, you don’t just go to a fight to stay live. You go to a fight to win. In other words, if you’re going to pick up those boxing gloves, you better aim to be a champion.  You just don’t want to survive 12 rounds and call it a day. That’s not boxing. That’s just plain survival. You want to be a champ. So how do you survive online adult dating like a champ and get lucky with finding an adultxxxdate daily?

To become a victor, you have to look at your issues straight in the eyes and take the sacrifice. You have to take the hit. You have to do unpleasant things, things that may hurt, things that may set you back, in the hopes that there would be a bigger payoff in the future. This is how you build a successful life and guess what? By simply paying attention to the level of failure or success you’re achieving with online dating, you can take away very important metaphysical lessons that you can apply to all areas in your life which would allow you to live life to a much higher level. The only question remaining is, are you up to it?


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